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*Available in Bridgeport & Philippi, WV. Residential Service Only.

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Fiber is the fastest. Period.

Speeds can reach into the gigabits per second; thousands of times faster than traditional copper technology.

Fiber technology is simply better

The use of light an glass eliminates interference while providing higher stability.

Fiber provides virtually unlimited bandwidth

Fiber supports large amounts of data and can keep up with the demands of new technology.

Fiber is future proof

Fiber networks can be upgraded by changing electronics or by utilizing different lasers that can increase bandwidth capabilities without changing the fiber cable itself.

fiber is the fastest!

Proudly Powering West Virginia's 1st:

Gigabit City

Partnering with the City of Bridgeport, Citynet launched its gigabit broadband project in 2014, making Bridgeport the first gigabit city in the state. This service, known as "GigaPort" is now expanding to power additional communities with ultra-fast broadband.

Gigabit Community

Citynet is committed to providing affordable, accessible broadband Internet to West Virginia communities. In keeping with this goal, Citynet is working with the City of Philippi to become a Gigabit Community; offering a variety of services for this great community.

Gigabit Resort

The days of nearly non-existent connectivity within this beautiful and popular mountain resort are gone! Citynet is proud to be powering Snowshoe Resort with gigabit broadband Internet, along with other robust communication and entertainment technologies.

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Local Service & Support

Our superior support is available to you, 24/7/365. All support calls are quickly answered by friendly, knowledgeable specialists from our corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, West Virginia.